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Tanzanian AA Whole Bean Coffee 1lb (Medium)

Tanzanian AA Whole Bean Coffee 1lb (Medium)

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1 Pound of Locally Roasted Fresh Whole Bean Coffee

Medium Roast

Acidity: High

Body: Above Average

Sweetness: Average

Notes of: Peach, Lime, Black Tea

About the Farm: The Tanzanian Northern Peaberry plus is produced by smallholder farmers in the growing areas of Karatu, Arusha and Marangu.

Most of these smallholder farmers process small quantities of ripe cherries at their own farms, where the process is still very artisinal. Cherries are depulped, fermented overnight and then the parchment is spread out on elevated tables to be sun dried.

The dry parchment is either sold to private buyers or delivered to dry mills owned and managed by cooperatives or farmer groups.

Elevation: 1200 meters

Process: Fully Washed

Drying: Patio Drying

Varietals: Kents

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